It’s almost here!  The Chamber Singers are gearing up to put on a spectacular and slightly morbid show (more about that in future updates…) for you in just a few days.  Check out our Facebook Event to RSVP for Bold Baroque, and hurry to get your tickets because we’re rapidly selling out!

Here’s a little peek behind the curtain – so to speak – if you’ve ever wondered what really goes into making performances like this happen.

The Chamber Singers meet twice a week for 2.5 hours each session for the entire semester – if that seems extreme, it’s not.  At least to us, we’re a dedicated bunch and can’t help but sing.  This week’s a little different though, we’ve got five rehearsals to get through in just four days.  If the math doesn’t add up, well, it’s because it doesn’t.  That’s right, on top of our two regular 2.5 hour rehearsals this week, we’re adding in three more 2 hour rehearsals (yikes!) with the American University Chamber Orchestra (but they’re amazing, so it’s all good!).

It breaks down to this: 4.5 hours of rehearsal on Monday and Thursday, and 2 hours on Wednesday, for a grand total of 11 rehearsal hours this week alone!  Not to mention this is rapidly followed by our back-to-back Bold Baroque Concerts on Friday and Saturday evening at 8PM.  (Shameless plug for the concerts  – check!)

So get ready, we’re going to keep you updated with what this concert is really about – the anger, the joy, and the good old-fashioned hard-work and love of music.

In case you missed the memo (which was underlined and bolded for your convenience), we have two concerts:

Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th.  Both are at 8PM in Katzen’s Abramson Family Recital Hall.

Parking is free and we’re Metro accessible from the Tenleytown Station on the Red Line.


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