David D’Auria


Peter and Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

So, we had two concerts tonight. The first one, at the Church of Peter and Paul, was the better one. Why? Because 1) the space was unbeliveable. This giant church with a delay of like, nine seconds. Every chord resonated like nobody’s business. 2) the folks who showed up were so happy to see us. The applause was great, and the looks on their faces were to die for. The setup was actually very frustrating, but then we just got changed, sat down, and sang “Bonse Aba” and all the stress was gone.


Modern Art Sculpture Gallery







The second concert was less awesome because folks were less excited to see us and were kind of noisy. It was harder for us to hear ourselves and harder for those who were listening to hear us, but this was made up for by the BEAUTIFUL sculptures that were all over the room.

In both concerts there was an adorable little girl in the front row who applauded whenever we had a rest, ’cause she didn’t realize the song was still happening. The second girl just started running circles around the microphone (her parents did not have as close a watch on her as the first) which was exceptionally cute.
I left a bunch of stuff out, but I want to let other folks share!

From Russia with love,


One thought on “First Concert

  1. We can only imagine how beautiful your music must have sounded in that church! It must have been quite inspirational to make active participants of both little girls! Thanks so much for taking the time to send all of the thoughtful blog entrees…we love them! Hope you’re all staying (relatively) rested and well-fed.

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