Colleen Evans – Chamber Singers Member

I don’t really know what I was expecting coming to Russia. It was one of those situations where my knowledge of the country was very, very minimal and mostly consisted of Stalin, Lenin, and hearing other people’s references to Anastasia (still have yet to watch it, the rest of the soprano section was shocked). Maybe learning more about the history would have been better because I feel as though I’ve been walking around Moscow looking at statues of impressive people without knowing a thing about them or even who they are. This just turned into taking pictures imitating the statues.

The first concert started off a little hectic, as any good opening should. Not only were we running between performing at 2 venues, but it was raining and we looked like hoards of nuns with our black dresses and scarves over our heads running through the rain. The actual performances went really well and the audience might have been the best audience I have ever sung for. They just went crazy. It was so uplifting and a great start to the tour to look out and see the entire crowd uproariously clapping. Not only were they ecstatic, but they were also pretty attractive (a good attribute for every audience and something the choir very much appreciated). It is also pretty wonderful that these attractive people also speak English.

Right now, I can awkwardly sound out their words, which is a task in itself because it is written in Cyrillic. After I’m done being that awkward tourist who takes about 10 seconds to sound out the word, it doesn’t really help anything because I have zero idea what it means, if I sounded it out right, or what the other person’s response was. Point being, I greatly appreciate the people who can speak English. Well this post just turned into a conglomeration of random thoughts. All in all I’m having a great time. We’re currently on a bus driving through the country on the way to Vladimir and it is beautiful and green. We were also told it would be cold, but it turns out it is just warm enough for a little bit of a suntan. And with that it is time to sign off. Das Vedanya. (That’s spelled completely wrong, but is how its pronounced.)


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