Riordan Frost – Chamber Singers Member

With a little help from Naomi

IMG_4122The sun is setting on the golden domes of the Church of the Assumption in Vladimir as we ride away on the bus, exhausted and exhilarated. We arrived in this small city just before noon having gotten a short history of the city from our courier Lana. The singers dispersed to explore the city, and I joined Naomi, Katherine, Keegan, Sebastian, and Arielle for a picnic lunch behind the Church of the Assumption, overlooking the river and surrounding valley of Vladimir.

After our relaxing picnic in the sun, which was accompanied by bells tolling from the church, I set off with Naomi, Katherine, and Lana to explore the area. We learned about the arrival of Christianity in Russia (Islam was nixed because it didn’t allow vodka) and ventured over to a stone church. This one is no longer used for services, but each exterior wall is covered in intricate stone carvings dating back to the 12th century.

Following our rehearsal with the Vladimir Symphony Orchestra, Naomi, Sondra, Nick, and I went to see the golden gate of Vladimir, which all traffic is diverted around. Naomi and I then took Sondra and Nick to see the carved stone church, and in the midst of our exploring we discovered a rickety wooden stairway. Although it had no particular destination, we enjoyed the adventure of not falling through the many broken stairs—and unstable stairs about to break.

After our concert with the Vladimir Symphony Orchestra, we headed back to Moscow, sad to leave Vladimir after so short a time. It was a charismatic city and a memorable day.


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